“I partnered with Backyard 5 months ago. I started building one unit per day out of the bed of my truck. After acquiring a trailer, I started doing 2 a day. Now I do 10-12 units a week; making much more $$$.”

Uriel – Installer

“I like the freedom to work on your own capacity. So if I have more time I can do more or Vice versa”

Albert from Branch 41

“Veteran Installer was very professional and helpful keep up the good work”

Jose from Branch 45

“Installer evaluation went well. Very attentive, professional and positive work environment.”

Layton from Branch 45

“Great team!”

Salvador from Branch 47

“Onboarding is simple, mostly done online. I’m at the beginning of my tenure with backyard products, however, I believe the work will be steady and rewarding. Plus I get to work independently at my own discretion”

Robert from Branch 62

“It was amazing, I love everything, lovely work area, worker and great communication”

Antonio from Branch 62

“Great experience”

Eduardo from Branch 79

“All was good. It has all an smoothly, so far.”

John from Branch 79

“Arnold was very informative, it was very helpful”

Lawrence from Branch 79

“My Trainer Juan is very Knowledgeable and helpful he is the best 💯💯💯”

Benjamin from Branch 84

“Fully satisfied with my experience”

David from Branch 88

“I began my career with Backyard over 25 years ago. The experience I gained in the field has helped me grow with the company but the culture of helping customers realize their “Backyard Retreat” keeps me here.”

Doug McConnell – Executive Vice President

“For over 25 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working for Backyard. I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the best and brightest. You won’t find a harder-working, more dedicated team in the industry. ”

Brian Bodemuller – Vice President of Branch Operations

“If you like the satisfaction of seeing finished products. This is the installer opportunity for you!”

Raheem from Branch 45